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Michael R. Neuert, MA, BSME   California Lic #687093
Phone: 1-800-638-3781 or (707) 578-1645

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We provide all the services, products and information needed to test and reduce
electromagnetic fields (EMFs) — in your home, school and office...

Northern California (On-Site)

(Special arrangements can be made for travel to other parts of the US and Canada) 

  Onsite Testing:  Professional testing of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in homes, schools, offices, large commercial buildings, computer work areas, etc.  We provide real estate surveys and written reports as needed.

  Shielding Services Professional design and installation of EMF shielding for electrical panels, meters, appliances, refrigerators, transformers, motors, cables, computers, and other common EMF sources.

  EMF Repairs:  Engineering services to repair electrical wiring systems, eliminate stray electricity in metal pipes and grounding, install field cancellation equipment, reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI), and solve other problems related to EMFs.

  "EMF-Free" Wiring Design Specification of proper methods, materials and placements for the installation of shielded EMF-Free wiring in new and remodel construction.

  Installation of "EMF-Free" Wiring:  Licensed electrical contractor services to properly install shielded EMF-Free wiring.  (Note: For new and remodel construction in the San Francisco Bay Area only).

Nationwide (via Telephone)

Call 1-800-638-3781 to schedule a consultation, or rent/purchase a test meter.

  EMF Phone Consultations:  Expert guidance  over the telephone for  homeowners, sensitive individuals, designers, electricians and contractors to help answer all of your questions about EMFs and the best ways to reduce them.

  Test Meter Sales and Rentals:  Sale and rental of do-it-yourself test meters so that you can do your own measurement and/or shielding of electromagnetic fields.

  Shielding Supplies and ConsultingSpecial materials and guidance for shielding electrical meters and panels, appliances, refrigerators, computers, transformers, motors, and other common sources.

  “EMF-Free Wiring"Design and specification of materials and methods to install specially shielded EMF-Free electrical wiring for new/remodel construction.

  Commercial Buildings:  We travel to solve your troublesome electromagnetic interference problems (EMI) and reduce electromagnetic fields (EMFs) for large commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.


Background Info...

        EMFs are a type of non-ionizing radiation commonly emitted from power lines, transformers, electrical wiring, computers, TVs, lights, clocks, appliances, hairdryers, cell phones, cordless phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, wireless devices, microwave ovens — virtually everything electrical and electronic in our modern world.  Click here for more information about electromagnetic fields.

         Michael R. Neuert is an electrical engineer and licensed contractor specializing in the testing and reduction of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).  He has an engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin, and a masters degree from Sonoma State University in California.  With over 17 years of practical experience in the testing and mitigation of EMFs, he can help you find the most cost-effective solutions to your particular EMF problems.

        Nationally, Michael's EMF consultations via telephone are our most popular service.  Michael can answer all of your questions about EMFs — what test meters to use, what levels are considered safe, how to trace hidden sources and repair troublesome EMF problems, how to install shielded electrical wiring to greatly reduce exposures, and how to shield refrigerators, electrical panels, computers and other sources.

        Locally in California, Michael provides professional on-site services for the  testing, shielding and reduction of EMFs.  As an engineer, in addition to simply measuring the EMFs, he can perform specialized tests to determine the exact sources and lowest cost solutions available to you.  Travel arrangements for on-site visits to any other US states and Canada can also be made.

        To schedule an appointment or request a quote, please call our office at 1-800-638-3781.


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